What is metabolic testing?

Metabolic testing, using a scientific method called Indirect Calorimetry, is the most accurate, commercially-available way to measure how many calories you burn each day.

A basic description of indirect calorimetry can be found HERE.

A more in-depth description of indirect calorimetry can be found HERE.

Why is metabolic testing important for me?

Diets have a 95% failure rate. A major reason for this is because people often estimate, or blindly guess, how many calories they should eat on a diet. If you want to be one of the 5% of the population who are successful on a diet, precise measurement through indirect calorimetry is critical.

What will I learn about my body from metabolic testing?

You will learn how many calories you burn at rest – your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), which is about 70% of your total metabolism. From this, we can compute the calories you burn during your daily activities (work, movement, etc) and exercise. Adding these three values will result in your Total Energy Expenditure (TEE).

What happens after testing?

After the testing, you have several options: (1) Using the data to guide you in planning your ideal diet. (2) Enlisting the guidance of a MAVEN Nutrition Specialist to help you design the perfect diet for you. (3) Using the data to compare with past or future measurements to get an idea of how your body is changing over time.

How long does the test take to complete?

The test is a 10-minute breathing test that takes place at our facility.

Do I have to breathe in a special way?

No special breathing technique is required – normal, relaxed breathing at your customary resting pace is all that is needed.

Do I need to prepare for the test in a specific way?

Please see test guidelines HERE.

Is this a COVID friendly test?

Yes. The equipment utilizes a one-way valve for testing. This valve ensures that you draw in fresh air from the room with every breath, protecting you from any threat of cross-contamination via the device. We use a fresh new breathing tube for each client, that is unsealed in front of you only at the time of the test. This one-time use apparatus is discarded after testing and will protect against the spread of disease.