Here’s the quick summary of how we measure metabolism & calories burned (For the tech lovers who want more details, a more in-depth, science-heavy explanation can be found HERE):

Every task our body performs requires energy.

We get this energy from the food we eat, and the food stored in our body (primarily fat).

But this energy is in stored form, and needs to be released – much like an intact stick of dynamite.

The oxygen we breathe is the catalyst to release this stored energy – oxygen “explodes the dynamite”.

The more tasks our body performs, the more energy is required to be released, and the more oxygen we will use.

Therefore, if we can measure the amount of oxygen you are using, we can calculate how much energy you are burning – calories.

MAVEN Metabolic Testing uses a precision, scientific machine to measure the oxygen you breathe – the process is called Indirect Calorimetry. The procedure takes 10 minutes, is painless & non-invasive, and accurate.