Are you faithfully adhering to a diet, but not achieving the results you desire?

Would you like to identify potential areas of weakness in your current eating routine?

Do you need to hit a specific macro target, but you’re not sure if you are hitting it?

Obtaining a Food Log Analysis is a powerful way to give you the answers and insight you desire.

A MAVEN Nutrition Specialist will perform a detailed analysis of the food logs that you provide. The analysis includes evaluation of the following criteria:

      • Total Calories
      • Protein
        • Optimal Level
        • Protein Quality
      • Carbohydrate
        • Fiber Content
      • Fat
        • Saturated/Unsaturated Ratio
        • Trans Fat
      • Micronutrients
        • Vitamins
        • Minerals
      • Meal timing
      • Snacks

When the Food Log Analysis data is correlated with the data obtained from the Metabolic Test, we will have a crystal clear picture to create specific, personalized and effective strategies for success.